Postpolio Syndrome-Dr Silver

Dr. Silver’s book is probably the best, most complete, and most thorough look at Post Polio Syndrome that I have ever seen and should be in all doctors’ offices.

It is a handbook for all those who had made the trip from polio to post polio syndrome. It is complete with all types of analysis about identification, specific symptoms, “treatment,” and recommendations for PPS patients. This book is a compilation of the research from the top researchers in the field of PPS. It is much easier to read than Halstead’s book, has many photos to assist the lay person, and is filled with definitions to help the non-medical person understand what is being said.

Most of the PPS people I know would not read it, because it is more than they really want to know about PPS. Many are in denial, suffering from the effects of PPS, do not want to know what may lay ahead, or just plain too tired to read the book cover to cover.

I was especially intrigued when she addressed braces and assistive devices and the correct manner to approach each. She also addressed both the physical ramifications and the emotional effects of PPS. The Table of Contents makes it easy for the reader to choose which section to read and each section has a conclusion that helps the reader absorb the important parts of the chapter.

The book is referenced to some of the best PPS specialists that I have read about and is a terrific book for clinicians, who probably would not read it either.

Dr. Silver is to be commended for the time, effort, and “completeness” on the subject of PPS. Unfortunately for us, her practice and research is on the east coast and there are few of us who can make that trip either money or health wise.

I pray that someday such a research facility with all the components that she has in her PPS facility will be closer to us.

I think it is an excellent book by a caring and dedicated doctor. We have too few doctors that are concerned about the effects of Polio and that is indeed a tragedy. Reviewed by Myrna Hudson (SNAPS)

How to order:

Postpolio Syndrome retails for $29.95 and is available by contacting the publisher, Elsevier Press, at 800-545-2522.

The book is also available from online booksellers and through a link found on the IRCP website (

Discounts are available for orders of 10+ copies.

For more information, contact Luane Guyton at Elsevier Press (800-325-4177, ext. 4458).