We have received requests for information on Polio and Post-Post-Polio Syndrome for many years.   We have decided to combine information with links to documents (PDFs) on one page, allowing people to get to the most common requests easily.

Christina Madison and her Students (Viviana Cervantes, Hodais Shooshtari, and Anna Wolf) were our guest speakers on 2/1/15.  Their PowerPoint presentation is a great reference on the research they did that updated us on Polio and PPS.  Following is the link to this presentation:

2015 Update Polio and PPS

The PA Support group has been so kind to share their monthly newsletters that provide great information and links to information that may be helpful to our members.  Following are the links to some of the newsletters and documents to the common requests we get:

Polio Doctors

Since we only have up to last year’s PA Newsletters on our website, we include the following newsletters with several discussions and links to information that is common to requests information from us.  Following is the link to these newsletters:






Note: This information is provided as only reference materials for you to decide on your own on whether it is helpful for your situation