About Us

Our support group was founded in January of 1997 in order to share experiences and bolster one another as we travel through our polio and post-polio journeys. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Saturdays of the month.  Please checked our calendar for the time and place.  We have guest speakers from organizations and individuals who are supportive and have pertinent information to assist those of us managing the after-effects of polio.

It is important to have fun so during the months of July and August we have activities geared toward that end. For example, we go to plays, concerts and shows (both indoors and outdoors) and at times we meet for dinner and lively conversation. We are always celebrating life whether it’s during a meeting or at a social function. We are survivors and are always trying to make the journey easier for others who are also living with the after-effects of polio.

We hope that you will make every effort to support SNAPS by attending our meetings and functions. Remember that this support group is for YOU. We are more than happy to make it as good as you want it to be.